Welcome to Paterson, NJ

The Paterson Film and Entertainment Commission (PFEC) is your one-stop-shop resource for film, television, and commercial production in Northern New Jersey. Established in 2019, the PFEC was founded by individuals who were born, raised or have a love of the City of Paterson and the entertainment industry. The PFEC is a non-profit corporation whose main goals are to promote film making in Paterson, NJ, and to assist filmmakers by providing them access to a supportive city, culture diversity, and easily accessible resources.

Advantages of Paterson for Filmmakers

  • Up to 30% Film Tax Credits, plus a 2% Diversity Bonus (as of Feb, 2020) from the State of New Jersey
  • 30% Film Credit or 20% Digital Media Content
  • 2% Bonus if employing 15%+ women/minorities
  • Local skilled labor: Carpenters, Electricians, Mechanics, etc.
  • Easy access to Paterson via Public Transportation, Highways and a 30 min drive to both NYC and Newark Airport
  • Many actors and support staff live in NJ and would prefer to work in NJ over NY
  • Paterson is a designated Urban Enterprise Zone with many business advantages, such as low 3.3125% sales tax
  • Paterson is one of the most diverse communities in the US
  • Paterson has access to NYC market talent, and is within the NY SAG radius
  • Lot of opportunities for outdoor shooting locations to fit nearly every movie genre
  • Many films have been shot in Paterson recently, and it has a reputation of being accommodating to filmmakers

How can PFEC help with your project?

The Paterson Film & Entertainment Commission provides an aggregated resource tool to help you navigate all sorts of pre-production, production and post-production issues; from attaining permits to onsite safety. We can help you find contact information for relevant government agencies, industry associations, guilds, and local unions, unions, production directories, location sites, accommodations and much more.

Video created by Kevin McLaughlin at Renaissance Productions
Videography by Sam Rivera at Samuel Rivera Films