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Website Format Draft Outline 

Need Mad Libs (for the form – what do we want on profiles for each category), Content / Resources to get them

Refer to film.ca.gov 

Home Page

Welcome to the Paterson Film & Entertainment Commission!

The PF&EC is your one-stop-shop resource for film, television, and commercial production in Northern New Jersey.

New Jersey is rich with diversity; a melting pot of people, cultures, economy, and scenery providing a broad scope of possibilities to creative minds.

Our vast array of tools and resources will help you navigate all sorts of production issues, from work permits to on-site safety. Find links and contact information for relevant government agencies, industry associations, guilds and unions, production directories, location sites, accommodations and more.

  • Members – Kate needs bios and pictures/headshots
    • Steering Committee First and Last names
      • Jerry, Ken, Frank, Fred, Doug, Kevin, Elliot, Janine, Alex, Fulvio
      • Titles to use (Steering Committee?)
      • Business Cards –  First / Last / Title / PFEC Email / Logo / Mobile Phone / Web Address (Please Verify)
    • Commission Member – Criteria for membership / volunteers. Not listing all members just sharing the list internally.
    • Bio’s (Specialized Knowledge) Highlights, Successes  (Kevin to provide prototype)

Points above were reviewed on 12/13/2019.

Please contribute to the upper section at this time.

Below to be addressed in future meetings.


Key Categories- Kate Needs:  Information and any form questions for each of these profiles. Make it like mad-libs. 

Business name, location, years in business, expertise, referrals, use cases, phone, website, contact email (Verify which to keep, drop, or include)

  • Permits
  • Locations
  • Subcontractors
  • Preferred Resources
  • Post Production Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Security
  • Education


  • Permits
    • Requirements and costs (link to city web page)
    • Community contact (current contact may need support)
      • For consideration
        • Reduced Permit Fees
          • To be negotiated w/city based on location size or region
          • Learn if a criteria exists around lower permit fees
        • Small Business Packages
          • Explore select vendors/service providers, and build teams to deliver lower cost packages
          • Terms to be negotiated
        • Locations
          • Sites by type
            • Factories –
            • Restaurants – Mad Libs (what info do we want them to register)
            • Schools – Mad Libs
            • Parks – Mad Libs
            • Homes – Mad Libs
            • Businesses – Mad Libs
            • Landscapes
              • Pictures to be saved to Dropbox or Box web solution
              • Links to images provided on website
              • Images to be viewed in online solution
              • Registered members may gain access to the folders (view only)
            • Subcontractors
              • Electricians
              • Site designers
              • Carpenters
              • Set artists
              • Muralists
              • Fine artists
              • Musicians
              • Contractors
              • Set designers
              • Exhibit providers
  • Preferred Resources (to be segmented by Pre, Prod, Post Production)
    • Physical Resources
      • Laborers
      • Stunt people
      • Makeup
      • Hair
      • Special effects
      • Film and lighting
  • Postproduction Facilities
    • Editors
  • Transportation
    • Trailers
    • Car services
  • Accommodations
    • List options and locations
  • Security
    • Street closures
    • Police liaison
      • City
      • County
    • Crowd control
    • Private security
    • Quality control
    • References
  • Education
    • General Public
    • Students
      • Grammar School
      • Middle School
      • High School
      • College
      • Graduates
    • Seminars
      • Upcoming Events
      • Training
      • Internships
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