The Paterson Office of Special Events issues permits to productions filming on location in the Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson Film & Entertainment Commission offers assistance to those going through the process. Not all filming requires a permit.

No Permit:
Productions using a hand-held camera, a camera on a tripod, hand-held props and/or hand-held equipment, not asserting exclusive use of City property, not using prop weapons, prop vehicles, stunts, actors in police uniform and not requesting parking privileges for production vehicles do NOT need a permit. Standing on a City sidewalk, a walkway of a City bridge, or within a City park while using a hand-held camera and not otherwise asserting exclusive use of City property is NOT an activity that requires a permit.

* Filming in city parks or interiors within city buildings will require additional permissions from the controlling entities. Please contact our office to obtain specific contact information.*

*“Equipment” is defined as anything more than a hand-held camera, a camera on a tripod or hand-held items (such as bounce-boards, boom mics, etc.)

Permits are not required for casual photographers, tourists, or credentialed members of the media.

New Project Application Fee

A new project account application, when submitted with a required permit, shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $300.00, made payable by credit card.

A “New Project Account application” must be submitted in any of the following instances:
i) in connection with a new project which has never before submitted an application,
ii) in connection with a television series (in a new season) which has previously submitted an application for a prior season, or
iii) in connection with a project which has previously submitted an application but has completed the continuous photography associated with that application and desires to re-commence photography.

An applicant may request a waiver of the new project application fee, which shall accompany the application when submitted. PFEC shall have the authority to waive such fee where the applicant is able to demonstrate unreasonable hardship.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is needed for those who obtain a required permit. If an applicant can demonstrate that obtaining the required insurance would impose an unreasonable hardship, PFEC may waive the need for liability insurance. In addition, student filmmakers can meet their liability insurance obligations through coverage under their school’s insurance program.